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Promedil has operated in the Italian property market for twenty years. Founded in 1990 with its operating headquarter in Venice, it has assets consisting primarily of office and retail properties located in Italy.


At Promedil we engage in projects that are strategically located in the high potential growth areas and are witnessing rapid economic development around the country. Our expert team goes through meticulous planning and due-diligence to identify these projects and locations.

Our site selection criteria emphasizes on the following factors:

  • Ecosostenibility
  • Availability of good roads and power infrastructure
  • Accessibility to the large public facilities
  • Proximity to the city’s resident neighbourhood

At Promedil we work with top-of-the-line professionals in every aspect of Real Estate Development from start to finish.

We believe that a well diversified portfolio across different geographies and asset classes reduces diversifiable risk in case of a market slack. This intelligence and excellence in engineering help us to create a lasting impression and leave behind an indelible mark in everything we do.