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Promedil offers technical and management services, directly connected to development, engineering, construction and administration. Appreciation of property and real estate management are the fields it operates in. In light of European market development, Promedil helps to achieve programmed results through design and construction according to goals agreed upon with the client, within established times, observing estimated costs and product quality.


Promedil is the sole point of reference to its clients for project, construction and management of real estate.

Promedil is responsible for the entire development of the project and accomplishment of the works as specified in the following five stages:

  • Feasibility study: the stage for defining the client's requirements and identifying possible solutions to existing restrictions;
  • Process engineering: the search for technical, architectural and structural solutions in relation to the established requirements;
  • Definite project plan: definition of the preliminary stage with the analytical-constructional details;
  • Management ok works: coordination of works for property building;
  • Consignment of the finished product: this entails completion within scheduled times as well as compliance with costs and product quality agreed upon with the client.


Promedil offers to real estate owners integrated administrative and management services for routine and extraordinary maintenance. Promedil sees the optimization of these aspects, often considered of secondary importance, as a way of increasing the economic possibilities of the property.


Corporate real estate management, regarding complexity and possibilities of development, can be compared to financial products. The classic opportunities determined by size and dynamism of the market are today accompanied by those connected with a targeted movement of the economic, strategic and social potential of the property. Through purchase, construction, conversion, development and optimization, Promedil gives great importance to the improvement and upgrading of building complexes. Increased efficiency and profitability of real estate are our main goals.