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Live between orchards and horticultural gardens like in the past.

The plot of land is located near the city of Venice. The target of the project is the conformation of the residential spaces to be able to permit to the guest living his life in independent way, in spite of some physical handicaps. The structure can give hospitality to 90 people divided in three buildings that are connected on every floor to guarantee the total accessibility of the structure. The residential units, single or double, provided of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living. The residential hotel’s functional program holds different kind of spaces as: restaurant, multipurpose room, medical surgery, hairdresser, newspaper library and reading and hobby rooms. The garden, that is developed around the three building and forms the interior connection spaces linking them with the surrounding neighborhood, has been conceived like an alternation of orchards and horticultural garden opened to the quarter life in way to avoid the isolation of the structure and his inhabitants.