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Memory and innovation.

The proposal project for a service building to the cycle lane Calalzo-San Vito di Cadore has as primary aim the functional and landscape requalification of the area in connection with the precious around which is insertin an valuable environmental context with wide views and green natural spaces.
The project consisting of a small building enable to integrate itself with the current surrounding environment, and a subterranean area for services and garage.
The planning has been guide from the will to think about the typology of the buildings that characterize the surrounding mountain scenery, which the building is placing, and reinterpret the style through the contemporary language.
The building materials have been chosen by the study of the extant haylofts and rural buildings: the wood for the supporting structure and the rocks for the outer walls containment. This choice goes through the memory of the place, but with contemporary technologies and energy saving.
The kiosk will be easy to reach by the street S.S. 51 Alemagna thanks to a parking that it will be connected by a ramp with the outside area of the kiosk.
The surrounding area has been left planed an elevated wood floor, that is give an easy access to the cycle lane , in the north site of the ex-railway lane, where the customers can stop and have a rest.